Dear games retailers and buyers,
Spiel direkt is a community of game publishers willing to sell their products directly to retailers. Our co-operative offers all our games on ONE website, some games are exclusively available here. We provide interesting offers and professional

A co-operation of small publishers

Spiel direkt has been founded begin of 2012 as reaction to the procedure of the existing wholesalers, who have transformed
from wholesaler to distribution partners of bigger publishers. Spiel direkt therefore is a new wholesaler, but with the distinctive feature that the publishers themselves are owners of this company. We have been growing steadily since our foundation.

How do we work?

Using our website you can order our games in one spot and will receive them from our logistic partner promptly. There are
many information on every game and additional material for download (e.g. translated rulebooks). You can check availability of the games online and see when new games become available.


Our aim is a fair co-operation with our retailers. Thus, our prices are steady and reliable – there will be no bargain sales,
price drops or similar actions that corrupt the prices you pay for the games. If price changes need to be done, you will be informed at least 3 month before the change. You can concentrate on selling the right game to your customers. Please think of it: Games from small publishers increase the variety of your offer and bring the „difference“.

Advantages for retailers:

  • Various order opportunities (online, phone, fax, mails)
  • Special games (exclusive games of small game publishers as e.g. 2F-Spiele)
  • Growing supply because of more publishing houses joining Spiel direkt
  • Detailed information (links, photos, descriptions)
  • Discounts for retailers (discount system)
  • Downloads (rulebooks in different languages, background history)
  • Service office (spare-part service, complaint service, information)
  • Special advantages for shop owners (show games, special discounts)
  • Price stability (no short-term sales actions)
  • Online status (easy handling of your order and order history)
  • Great shipping conditions (free shipping)
  • Different payment opportunities (with discounts / allowances)
  • Guaranteed availability (online view of the availability of a product)
  • Traders location (list with trader’s addresses for customers)

    Spiel direkt eG – Buying games has never been this easy!