The Spiel direkt eG is a network of numerous domestic and foreign game publishers, which makes its offer (board, card and dice games) available directly to retailers.
We have a bunsh of offers and a professional logistics, so that you are supplied with our games as fast as possible.

We are a distributor for exceptional board, card and dice games.

Members of Spiel direkt eG are (as of October 4th, 2023):

  1. 2F-Spiele (Friedemann Friese) with titles like Funkenschlag, Fabelsaft and many more
  2. 2 Tomatoes Games (Alvaro Lerma Rodrigo)
  3. 10 Traders GmbH (Managing Director: Malte Kiesel) with titles like Joomo und Figurata.
  4. ABI Games (Franck Regnier) with their games Altitude and Vertical
  5. Adam’s Apple Games LLC
  6. Albert Peter und Le Vinh Quynh GbR (Mandino – Albert Peter) with their game series Mord bei Tisch (Murder by table)
  7. Argentum Verlag (Owner: Roman Mathar) with titles like Hansa Teutonica, Antarctica and many more
  8. Baccum (Owner: Sugwoo Hyun) with their games Azuchi Castle and Generalship
  9. BeWitched-Spiele (Andrea Meyer) with titles like Hossa, Stimmvieh and many more
  10. BLAM! (Simon Villiot) with their game Chakra
  11. Blue Cocker (Alain Balay) with their title Rest in Peace
  12. Board Game Circus (Daniel Theuerkaufer)
  13. BomBasta Spiele (Sebastian Marwecki)
  14. Brain Games (Owner: Eglis Grasmanis)
  15. Braunwarth & Schoenfeld Perdix GbR
  16. Clicker-Spiele (Stephan Riedel)
  17. Crimson Company UG (Dario Reinhardt) with their game Crimson Company
  18. Cwali (Corné van Moorsel) with games like Habitats, Roll to the Top and many more
  19. DeKroKo (Mladen Petkovic) with their card game 17 Kronen (17 crowns)
  20. Dionysos Games (Andreas Schleicher und Anna Heym GbR) with their game One Minute Game.
  21. Doppeldenkspiele (Nikolai Diekert, Julian Schärdel, Simon Eich-Hermle GbR)
  22. Elemonsters (Andreas Dihm)
  23. Fantasmagoria Ltd. (General director: Alexandar Guerov)
  24. Feuerland Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (Managing Director: Frank Heeren) with games like Scythe, Terra Mystica and many more
  25. Flying Carpet Games Pty Ltd (Managing Director: Tom Harvey)
  26. Fobs Games (Fabian Zimmermann)
  27. Formula Games B.V. (Alon Nir)
  28. franjos Spieleverlag (Franz-Josef Herbst) with titles like Can’t stop, Billabong and many more
  29. Frosted Games (Matthias Nagy) with their annually Brettspiel-Adventskalender (board game Advent Calendar) and titles like 13 Tage (13 days), Reykholt and many more
  30. Funforge (Owner: Philippe Nouhra)
  31. Fun Supply GmbH (Marc Janssen)
  32. Game Division Deutschland GmbH (Managing Director: Tobias Kaufmann)
  33. Gamelab GmbH (Managing Director: Carina Schmiedseder) with games like Interaction, Leaders and many more
  34. Haas Games (Simon Haas) with their games Food Facts and Genies
  35. Hard Boiled Games (Johannes Sich) with the game La Cosa Nostra.
  36. Heldbergs (Julia Günther)
  37. Helvetiq (Redcut sarl)
  38. heptagon-Verlag (Thomas Müller)
  39. Holstein Spiele (Dirk Holdorf) with the title Ostsee – Schach (Baltic Sea – Chess)
  40. Igel Spiele (Oliver Igelhaut)
  41. Ion Game Design (Managing Director: Besime Uyanik)
  42. Irongames (Owner: Bernd Eisenstein) with games like Peloponnes and Pandoria
  43. Jumping Turtle Games (Tenk VOF – Owner: Tom Delme)
  44. Korea Boardgames Co., Ltd. (Managing Director: Sung Kee Moon)
  45. Korona Games (Kard és Korona K.F.T. – Owner: Balazs Lenhardt dr.) with games like Hexpanse
  46. Loosey Goosey Games (Andreas Preiss)
  47. LSV Leipziger Spieleverlag GmbH (Max Haupt)
  48. Léman Publishing Claudia Frankl (Claudia Frankl)
  49. LernMedio Krüger (Bernadette Krüger)
  50. Ludit GmbH (Marion Bigger Buchli)
  51. Mücke Spiele (Owner: Harald Mücke)
  52. nikamundus (Stefanie Friedrich)
  53. Nuovis Spiele (Michael Schüller)
  54. Oink Games (Representative: Laura Grundmann)
  55. Ornament Games (Stefan Scheidtweiler und Christian Peter Schäfer-Scheidtweiler GbR)
  56. Ostia Spiele (Heike Risthaus)
  57. Paco Sako BV (Felix Albers) with the chess of peace Paco Sako
  58. Piatnik Deutschland GmbH (Joachim Janssen)
  59. Patentgrau (Emanuel Steffens)
  60. Portal Games Sp. Z.O.O.
  61. Public Tools (Stephan Daniel)
  62. puls entertainment  GmbH (Gerd Reger)
  63. Pundit Games ApS (Owner: Sajeev Hinds-Shankar)
  64. Qango (Klaus Burmester)
  65. Quadratspiele-Caupo GmbH (Owner: Hans-Georg Krämer)
  66. R & R Games (Owner: Frank DiLorenzo)
  67. Reimer Luhn Giering Gaiagames GbR (Kevin Luhn, Nils Giering, Micha Reimer)
  68. Seajay Games (Channing Jones)
  69. Shrimp Verlag UG (Managing Directors: Markus Schmidt and Jens Weine)
  70. Skellig Games GmbH (Owner: Uwe Bursik) with their game Concerto
  71. Sphinx-Spiele (Henning Poehl) with games like Shark Attacks!, Apokalypse and many more
  72. SPIEL DAS! (Robert Heller) with games like Neue Helden … braucht das Land! (New heroes … the country needs!)
  73. Spielefaible (Voss Faible GmbH – Owner: Henning Voss) with the title Vejen
  74. Spielköpfe (Schwickert, Bach und Fischer GbR) with gender-sensitive, manifold and sustainable playing cards.
  75. Spieltz! (Ideenfeld GmbH, Managing Director Karin Janner)
  76. Starnberger Spiele (Dr. Tanja Philippeit)
  77. Steffen Spiele (Steffen Mühlhäuser)
  78. STEPpuzzle (Owner: Aldas Kikutis)
  79. Strohmann Games (Marcel Straub)
  80. Studium Mundi (Kato Ayako)
  81. Suncoregames GmbH (Managing Director: Bujar Haskaj)
  82. Sunny Games (Steven Rijsdijk)
  83. Taleswapper (Wilma Mulder)
  84. Taverna Ludica Games (Florian Strahl)
  85. Tetrahedron Games (Martin Otzmann)
  86. That’s Me (Owner: Josef Doci)
  87. Verlag Zwei Grad GmbH (Philipp Socha)
  88. WiWa Spiele (Managing Directors: Frank Warneke und Robert Witter)
  89. Wonderbow Games (Avalia Studios GmbH – Owner: Laia Gonzalez)
  90. Wonderland Spiele GmbH (Alexander Florin) with the game Karriereleiter.
  91. XOLLOX Games (Managing Director: Robert Müller-Reinwarth)
  92. Yutopi (Owner: Jerome Badoux) with the game Mini Miners.
  93. Zeitgeist Gedankenspiele (Dr. Robert Crotogino)


Note: The light gray colored publishers are inactive for different reasons and do not distribute games through Spiel direkt eG at the moment.


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If you are a game publisher, who looks for a wholesaler, and you want to know more about our cooperative, then contact us here.The Spiel direkt eG is a network of numerous domestic and foreign game publishers, which makes its offer (board, card and dice games) available directly to retailers.
We have a bunsh of offers and a professional logistics, so that you are supplied with our games as fast as possible.