Spiel direkt eG – your direct access to retail!

Dear colleagues,
do you agree that it is getting ever more difficult to place you product in retail stores? Do you agree, that hardly anybody has an overview over the game market? Do you have an idea which retail shops your games could fit in, if only you could get into contact with the owners?

Spiel direkt is set up as a community of game publishers willing to sell their products directly to retailers. Our co-operative offers all our games on ONE website, some games are available here exclusively. We provide interesting offers and professional logistics.

A co-operation of small publishers

Spiel direkt has been founded begin of 2012 as reaction to the procedure of the existing wholesalers, who have transformed from wholesaler to distribution partners of bigger publishers. Spiel direkt therefore is a new wholesaler, but with the distinctive feature that the publishers themselves are owners of this company.
Here you can find a list of our members.

How do we work?

Each member provides a number of games at our logistic partner Ludopackt. Ludopackt takes care of ingoing orders and sends the games promptly to the retailers. Note: The publishers can use several distribution channels, there is no necessity for exclusivity at Spiel direkt.

What costs are involved?

Currently, Spiel direkt withholds 23% of the sales (which equals the percentage of the other wholesalers). However, it is our aim to reduce this percentage as soon as the initial investments have been paid. In medium term we strive for a percentage of 15%. Spiel direkt is not planned to realise direct profits, but is merely a tool to produce profits directly for the publishers. With the currently 23% stake, Spiel direkt pays the service center, the bookkeeping, the shipping costs for the orders, the discounts which are dependent on volume and payment method, the marketing etc. The publisher thus receives 77% of the sales of his games minus possible storage costs that every member has to settle with Ludopackt directly.

To become member, a publisher has to sign a share of the cooperation, which is worth € 1,000. In case the publisher steps out, he will this amount will be returned. Above that, there is only a small entrance fee of € 200.

Overview on advantages

  • Co-operative of small publishers (joint venture and community idea)
  • attractive organisational structure (co-ownership & management participation)
  • shared distribution tool
  • non-profit organization (tool of participating publishers, improved profit margin)
  • no investment risk (low priced conditions)
  • shared marketing activities
  • increasing network of retailers (Germany, worldwide)
  • autonomy of the publishers (self-determination of presentation, prices, pictures, text, inventory)

    Spiel direkt eG supports you in selling your games to retail.