The members of Spiel direkt eG are game publishers from Germany and abroad who wish to make their products available for interested retailers directly. We offer professional logistics to ensure that our games end up quickly and abundantly on the gaming tables.

Members of Spiel direkt eG are (as of June 30th, 2017):

  1. 2F-Spiele (Friedemann Friese)
  2. 2Geeks (Lonshakov Denys)
  3. Argentum Verlag (owner: Roman Mathar)
  4. Baccum (owner: Sugwoo Hyun)
  5. BeWitched-Spiele (Andrea Meyer)
  6. Bezier Games (owner: Ted Alspach)
  7. Brain Games (owner: Eglis Grasmanis)
  8. Capstone Games (owner: Clay Ross)
  9. Clicker-Spiele (Stephan Riedel)
  10. Cwali (Corné van Moorsel)
  11. Dionysos Games (Andreas Schleicher and Anna Heym GBR)
  12. Edition Siebenschläfer (Anja Wrede)
  13. FANTASMAGORIA (general manager: Alexandar Guerov)
  14. Fobs Games (Fabian Zimmermann)
  15. franjos Spieleverlag (Franz-Josef Herbst)
  16. Frosted Games (Matthias Nagy)
  17. Funforge (owner: Philippe Nouhra)
  18. Game’s up (Ralph Bienert)
  19. Golden Egg Games (owner: Elad Goldsteen)
  20. Haas Games (Simon Haas)
  21. Hard Boiled Games (Johannes Sich)
  22. heptagon-Verlag (Thomas Müller)
  23. Holstein Spiele (Dirk Holdorf)
  24. Igel Spiele (Oliver Igelhaut)
  25. Ion Game Design (general manager: Besime Uyanik)
  26. Irongames (Bernd Eisenstein)
  27. Jumping Turtle Games (owner: Tom Delme)
  28. loogstein (Germann Jossé)
  29. Mücke-Spiele / (owner: Harald Mücke)
  30. Müller-Mätzig-Spiele (Björn Müller-Mätzig)
  31. nikamundus (Stefanie Friedrich)
  32. Oink Games (representative: Laura Grundmann)
  33. Ostia Spiele (Stefan Risthaus)
  34. Porcupine Press (Jack Hanauer)
  35. Portal Games Sp. Z.O.O. (representative: Benjamin Schönheiter)
  36. Public Tools (Stephan Daniel)
  37. Quadratspiele-Caupo GmbH (owner: Hans-Georg Krämer)
  38. rudy games GmbH
  39. R & R Games (owner: Frank DiLorenzo)
  40. Sphinx-Spiele (Henning Poehl)
  41. Spieltz! (Karin Janner)
  42. Starnberger Spiele (Tanja Philippeit)
  43. STEPpuzzle (owner: Aldas Kikutis)
  44. Taleswapper (Wilma Mulder)
  45. That’s Me (owner: Josef Doci)
  46. WiWa Spiele (owner: Robert Witter, Frank Warneke)

As game publishers we share the common goal to ensure that all parties of the sales process have lasting success. That is why we work with fair prices. We keep our price steady, so you can focus on selling the right games to the right customers. We do support you, because we believe in our games and need you to sell them.

We offer:

  • Free samples of new games.
  • Explanatory and presentation support.
  • Prompt replacement parts service.

If you have questions or complaints, please forward them to this e-mail address question [at] spiel-direkt-eg [dot] de. The answer is send to you or to your customer, as you prefer.

By the way: We are open for unusual questions and gladly support gaming events, competitions and similar. Simply log in if interested.