Board Game Circus

Board Game Circus stands since 2017 for board games and card games in the category of upscale family game and connoisseur game. Our games are easy to understand, easy to communicate and yet unfold an interesting depth of play when played, in which there are always exciting twists or important decisions to make. Our goal is to entertain families with older children and teenagers as well as adult game groups.




Whether it’s an easy start with our card game CuBirds or a greater challenge with e.g. In the Shadow of the Pagoda – thanks to detailed game instructions and explanatory videos, you can get started easily at any time. Our games are popular all over the world and have been awarded many prizes and recommendations.


Im Schatten der Pagode


Thanks to our membership in Spiel direkt eG we benefit from the distribution and sale of Board Game Circus games to wholesalers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.