Formula Games B.V.

Formula Games B.V. is a small Dutch publishing company of board and card games.In 2019 we started the company with the introduction of our first game called “Formula”. We can now say it is an international success! It is being sold in Europe, South Korea and the United States.

Formula is an educational math game. Even though it is an educational game it is still a lot of fun. Why not learn something while playing.


Inspired by the success of Formula, we will continue to develop board games for the future. We want to develop games that are easy to understand and have themes that people can relate to. We do not only focus on educational games.

In 2022 we expect to publish a few new games. The first one is going to be Playlist. This game has a music theme. Follow us via our website or on social media for the latest developments.

We use Spiel Direkt eG as our wholesaler in those countries where we have not made exclusive distribution deals yet.