Frosted Games

Frosted Games was founded 2015 to implement an absurdly idea and since then developed to a full grown publisher. The term „Frosted“ is related to the topping on donuts or the cream on cakes. Frosted Games offers special Services and Products for publishers and gamers and tries to publish exciting products.


The two pillars of the publishing program are:

Expansion boxes for different games publicated as Brettspiel-Adventskalender and Deutsche Spielepreis Goodie-Box.

13 Tage

Full games with a fixed number of players. Especially 2-Player-Games such as 13 Tage – Die Kubakrise 1962 or Hochverrat – Der Prozess gegen Louis Riel 1885 which also have a historical background. An other axample is Trick ‘n Trouble which is a cooperative trick taking game for exactly 3 players or Der Unterhändler which is a solo game.


Board games like Harbour or Reykholt complete our publishing program.
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The choice for Spiel-Direkt as distributor was easy, because they are the only german whoolesaler which isn’t a publisher, too.Frosted Games is a member for 3 years now and always happy to participate and recommend others to do the same.