Igel Spiele publishes small games for primary school children. The publisher has two main product lines: Igel Classics and Igel Minis. Both feature a beautiful mix of materials in small boxes. The Igel Minis are most consequent in the concept of small boxes. They are most suitable as a small addition in the easter nest. The new game Ei Noon is going to fit perfectly with its thematic. In this game a gang of easter bunnies tries to loot a chicken coop. Beside playing cards there are some beautiful designed rabbit and chicken figures in the box.

Mein Schatz was on the recommendation list of Spiel des Jahres 2016. The game is by now in its second edition. Only Wunschmaschine 2.0 has more sales. This is a logic game which slightly reminds of Mastermind. In this game primary school children can learn principles of logic in a fun way.

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