Skelling Games

We are the small publishing house for great gaming pleasure.

Our team consists of board game lovers who are passionate about bringing new games to the German-speaking market. To do this, we localise board game gems that we have discovered at foreign publishers and develop new games together with well-known and (as yet) unknown authors.

Our publishing programme ranges from simple family games (the Island of Cats) to complex connoisseur games (like Honey Buzz) and expert games (like Darwin’s Journey).

Die Insel der Katzen


The Island of Cats is a card drafting and puzzle laying game with CATS!!!! (Alright, fish also appear…). The game is designed for 1-4 players (with expansion 1-6 players) aged 8 and up and has an expert and a family game mode.

In The Island of Cats you are a citizen of the small coastal village of Squalls End. On a rescue mission to the Island of Cats, you must save as many cats as possible before the evil Lord Vesh arrives on the island. Each cat is represented by a unique tile (=polyomino puzzle piece) and belongs to a family. You have to find a way to accommodate as many cats as possible on your boat while keeping the families together.

Honey Buzz


The bees have discovered the lure of big business. The queens of the different colonies believe that they will find peace and prosperity by selling honey to bears, badgers and other forest animals. Spring is here and it’s time to build the hive, find nectar, make honey and open the very first flag shop for the honey business.

Honey Buzz is a workerplacement game where players build their personal hive. To do this, they draw different honeycomb tiles that enable actions that are triggered throughout the game. Each tile represents a different action. Whenever a tile is placed so that it completes a certain pattern, a series of actions is triggered, in the order that the player chooses. A tile drawn in the first round can be triggered up to three times during the game. Everything depends on how the player places his bees and builds his hive. Because in the honey business, efficient processes are the be-all and end-all.

As you constantly expand your hive, you forage for nectar and pollen, make honey, sell different varieties at the bear market, hold honey tastings and take care of the queen and her court. There is only a limited amount of nectar and it won’t be easy to find it. Players will have to scout the nectar field and watch out for other players’ searches to find out where the nectar that is so desperately needed is located.

Darwin’s Journey


Darwin’s Journey is a worker placement Eurogame in which players re-enact Charles Darwin’s adventurous journey in the Galapagos Islands, which contributed to the development of his world-famous theory of evolution.

The game’s innovative worker progression system means that each worker must study the disciplines that are prerequisites for various actions in the game. For example, researching, corresponding, collecting and shipping species discovered on the island. The game lasts five rounds, with each player completing several short- and long-term objectives in an attempt to score victory points in a varied way.

At board game fairs and via social media, we constantly exchange ideas with other board game fans, but also with newbees and casual gamers, and are also an active member of the scene through joint projects with publishers, bloggers and other board game fans.

For contact with wholesalers and retailers, we are happy to be a member of Spiel Direkt in order to take advantage of the synergies that arise.

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