Why is there no queen in the classic german card deck? Why are most people in games white? Why do women are always depicted with hair and Jacks always have swords in their hands? And what do such pictures do with our idea of normality?

In the outdated card deck the highest position is occupied by men, all persons are white, the division of roles between men and women is very outdated. We grow up with these pictures and through them this idea becomes normal for us. This is how stereotypes and prejudices arise in our minds from an early age on.


Playing cards should be fun and bring people together.
For this we need more diverse and fairer images in which very different people can find themselves. Spielköpfe redesign games to make important topics such as equality accessible to everyone in a playful way.

The depiction of women, black people and other marginalised groups is extremely important. In this way, we bring discussions into game nights and encourage people to reflect about their thoughts.


Spielköpfe redesign the card deck – gender-appropriate, diverse and sustainable

  • Gender-appropriate
    There is a queen and a king on each K card. Gender roles are broken also within the women (German Dame) and jacks (German Bube), for example, there are also Damen with short hair or Buben holding a flower. Different forms of femininity and masculinity are shown.
  • Diverse
    Every card looks different – just like us. There is no room for stereotypes. There are people with different skin colours, religions or people with disabilities.
    Our cards are drawn by different artists* with different backgrounds.
  • Our printing is done by Gugler print shop in accordance with the highest possible sustainability standards. This means we can guarantee that both paper and inks are 100% characterised and contain no CMR problematic (i.e. carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive) substances, are fsc-certified and are ideally suited for recycling, composting and incineration.
    In addition, the cards are printed climate-positively. This means that 110% of the CO2 emissions related to the order are offset and only green electricity is used for production.

The number cards remain the same as the old deck. So you can play with the Spielköpfe cards as you can do with other cards.