Feuerland Spiele was founded in 2012 with its first game Terra Mystica, which is still very successful. It is a sophisticated strategy game for ambitious hobby gamers, aimed at adults or older teenagers. By offering lots of options and different setups, every game is a unique challenge and the game continues to feel fresh and exciting.

Board games like this have always been the core of our publishing program, which grows by about 2-3 titles a year. By now we are proud to say that some of the best rated board games on boardgamegeek.com (the biggest online board game database) are part of our program, including the reigning (as of 2019/05) no.1 game, Gloomhaven.

In addition to that, we started publishing games under our “Blue Label” a few ago. Those are games that still ask for interesting decisions, while being more approachable and containing some elements of chance. Our newest game from this label is Fuji, a cooperative dice game.

More informations about our games and newsworthy updates can be found on our website feuerland-spiele.de

Via Spiel-direkt, our games are available to purchase at whole sale.