Studium Mundi

Studium Mundi is a Japanese publisher specializing in board games. The publishing house was founded in 2018 and is based in Tokyo.
In 2020, we also established our subsidiary publisher – Mundi Games Europe. This is based in Munich and focuses on making Japanese games, which were otherwise denied to the European audience, accessible here as well.

Mythologien in der Welt - game packing

The first game that Mundi Games Europe launched in Europe is the Mythologien in der Welt game. As this is only the beginning, we are happy to have found a solid wholesaler with the distribution through Spiel direkt eG.

Mythologien in der Welt - playing cards
Mythologien in der Welt - setup

Our first game on the European market, is about Greek, Norse and other gods. You can collect them by making offerings. The goal is to collect as many deities as possible. But keep an eye on your opponents!

The game is characterized not only by its simple rules, but also by the high addictive potential that it brings.